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GenTune LLC

Diesel Engine Repair, Generator Repair,
Switchgear Repair, ATS Repair,
Load Bank Test, Battery Charger,
Engine Heater, Oil Change, Fuel Tank

10207 Ni River Drive
Spotsylvania, Virginia 22553-3742

EGSA Certified, CCR Registered
A Certified Virginia Small Business

PHONE: (540) 379-9303 All Hours 

Serving Northern Virginia and MD, DC, WV upon request.

GenTune Details:

GenTune LLC provides Diesel Engine/Generator repair and service.

We troubleshoot and repair all makes of Diesel Engines, Generators, Automatic Transfer Switches,
Automatic Start-Stop controls, Day Tanks, Fuel Systems, Battery Chargers, and other related equipment. 
We also provide Preventive Maintenance services and Load Bank Testing. 

GenTune LLC is EGSA Certified.  We are a CCR registered small business and are pursuing government and commercial engine/generator service and repair work.  We can service any segment of the custom engine market, be it industrial, generator set, or marine.  We have experience in all areas including mechanical, electrical, controls, and power systems.  If you have a mechanical or electrical problem GenTune can help by diagnosing your problems and recommending the best course of action for your unique site requirements, even if you need services or expertise that GenTune cannot provide directly.   GenTune has close working relationships with other companies that help us expand our capabilities to you.   

GenTune uses 3/4-ton service trucks that are 77" tall and rated under 10,000 GVW. These are capable service trucks designed to get inside of parking garages. They are equipped to support our top field servicemen with a 12 KW 120/240 VAC generator, 10,000-lb trailer hitch, and a crane or a liftgate rated 1250 lbs. The crane can lift 600 lbs at 10 feet, or lift 400 lbs at 14 feet. The generator can operate a welder and an air compressor, allowing powered support of repair and fabrication work on site from the truck. Gentune owns a trailer-mounted 1250kW load bank and has performed load tests up to 4000 kW with equipment available to us.   

Got a problem? Call 540 379-9303... GenTune can help!
Service Area: 80-120 mile radius of Fredericksburg/Culpeper VA. 
Our shop is near the post office at 22714.   

Hourly Rate: Credit Card: $94 ST, $141 OT,  plus fuel used, supplies and disposables.   
Hourly Rate: Net 30 On-Time: $90 ST, 135 OT, plus fuel used, supplies and disposables.  
Call us anytime at 540 379 9303, or fax your request to 888.828.9993, or
email  customerservice@gentune.com

GenTune LLC is also accepting resumes from experienced engine/generator technicians. 
We are looking for a few good men who know this type of machinery and understand this business.

Within Virginia GenTune can also provide the additional services of a 2-ton service truck with a GVW of 25,800 lbs.  It is equipped with a 30 ft boom crane rated 15,000 lbs at 3 feet that can lift 1500 lbs 30 feet away from the truck. It also has compressed air and a complete professional welding outfit and a fabricator that can modify or fabricate anything you can think of. GenTune also has access to a truck shop in Culpeper, VA that can lift trucks of 60,000 lbs. and can service, repair, or modify them as per your request.

Got an odd job or weird lift and don't know who to call?  Call GenTune.